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Doula Care


My goal is to create an environment that is safe, respected, inclusive, meaningful and supported. My focus is to help individuals and families feel confident and connected as they experience the birth of their baby. Helping work through any anxiety or fear as they visualize what they would like for their birth knowing that whatever route it takes they are strong, capable, and held.


The addition of a new person into your home and life can be a time of major transition.  As a postpartum doula, my goal is to help as you navigate the many changes and new challenges that can arise as you care for your new baby. My hope is that with support your transition to a new family is less overwhelming, smoother and rewarding as you get to know you new little one. Each family has different needs that can change day by day and I personalize my support to your specific needs.


I am a certified lactation specialist. With my experience and training I am able to assist you in learning to breastfeed your baby intuitively and comfortably. The first three weeks are sometimes difficult and the most important.  My goal is to share suggestions and information to help you learn new skills, confidence and develop a healthy breastfeeding relationship with your new little one.


The Placenta is full of vitamins, minerals and hormones that are available to you after birth.  The purpose of consuming your placenta is to reintroduce some of these nutrients back to your body for a smoother transition into the 4th trimester. Placenta medicine is made to nourish your body as you care for your newborn and has been shown to help reduce postpartum bleeding, increase milk supply, replenish nutrients, help with baby blues and increase energy levels. 

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