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Christine F.

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If you are thinking of hiring a doula, do it! I’ve never spoken to someone who said…”I wish I hadn’t hired a doula”....the support is wonderful and I highly recommend Aly. Someone told me you should walk away from your first meeting feeling like you gained a friend. And let me tell you….after giving birth and sharing this very intimate experience with Aly, I will forever be grateful and she holds a special place in my heart and family

Liz C.   

Even as a second time mom the guidance and support you get from a doula is invaluable. Giving birth is likely the most intense and personal experience of your life, and the hospital system is built to save lives, not necessarily help an individual navigate labor in a way that works best for them. Having an advocate/support system in place will build your confidence and improve your outcome. Plus my husband felt so much better knowing he would have help. Aly was knowledgeable, direct, professional and clearly dedicated to helping me not just “get through” labor, but making sure it was a good experience. I wish I could give 10 stars!

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Two years ago I made the decision to hire Aly to be my doula for the birth of my son. I was nervous and unsure of the journey I was about to embark on. I received not only support but the knowledge, strength, and courage I needed to rock my birth and motherhood those first two years and counting. Two months ago we welcomed our baby girl and I knew I wanted her support again. Even though I knew what to expect and I was far more confident in myself, my husband and my body, there is just something about having another woman in your corner to be a sounding board and reassure you. Aly’s belief in a womans’ capabilities and our bodies is exactly what I needed to go with my gut and have the births I dreamed of. Each time gets better and better and I’ve appreciated having Aly as my doula for each one! There are so many unexpected things when it comes to birth and no birth is the same, but having a solid and constant support system during that time is amazing. I highly recommend this beautiful nurturing woman.

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Kristiana O.

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Father of a new baby here - Aly was essential in helping us prepare for and deliver our daughter. She met with us several times in advance to remind us of the important details. When labor began, she came over and helped us through labor, followed us to the hospital to help with delivery, and stayed after to ensure we were all settled. It was crucial to have someone with more experience than me to help. She knew just what to say and do, helping soothe my wife through each contraction, during delivery and after. She also followed up the next day and further days afterwards, to make sure everything was going ok, and to offer advice. A compassionate professional and good listener. Aly helped make the whole experience better for everyone. An essential part of our team resulting in a healthy baby.

— J.B.

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